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Our KnowledgeBase is an ideas, tips, suggestions and examples news-sheet produced by the Customer Care Research research brands.


We give snapshots of how you can adapt our latest projects and also how to harness the ideas and components in your own work.

You can subscribe to the KnowledgeBase and periodically we will send you updates which will hopefully add new imetus and initiative to your customer and client knowledge programmes.

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ideas & tips from Customer Care Research

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Appreciation beats Satisfaction

Do you know the difference between 'appreciation' and 'satisfaction'?

In business or consumer service, appreciation breeds loyalty, satisfaction does not.

We tell you more about how to measure it and then generate it.

Fed Up with Pop Up Surveys?

How many websites have pop-up surveys?

How many are ignored?

An alternative approach

A Neat Way of Gathering Monthly Service Data

For a number of our clients we host effective service data gathering sites.

This enables centralised data management, analysis and reporting.

Hear how we do it. 

Don't Lose Major Accounts - Retention is Key, Recovery is Next! 

It's important not to lose major accounts, but it's equally important to target and help your stretched sales and customer relationship teams.

Customer Care Research can help with both.

Competitor Benchmarking

It's crucial to know how your competitors are perceived and to understand how you compare in all aspects.

Our research methods provide the answers you need.

Customer Care Research Highlights

Some ideas about how we approach key projects.

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