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Competitor Benchmarking

There are various ways of benchmarking competitors, but can you trust them?

Is Syndicated Research Unreliable?:


Syndicated research is where companies within a given sector all contribute to a survey to monitor each others' performance, pricing and image.


We have found this method unreliable as pricing information can be 'manipulated' by the providers, performance comparison can be subjective and difficult to assess, and awareness or image perceptions change with familiarity.

Market Research:

A better way of assessing opinion but expensive to do properly as for business to business research considerable respondent filtering is demanded.

The Best Way:

Use your existing database. Not just customers but past customers, prospects, infrequent users/buyers, people who you have put proposals to and companies you know your competitors use.


Customer Care Research will then devise a research programme to canvass opinion on not only their perception of you, but also gather full details of their current arrangements and intentions.


This will enable you hold information that explicitly pertains to you and how you can increase penetration.

Let Customer Care Research review your competitor benchmarking needs and propose a solution that will not only provide the information you need but will greatly improve awareness.


Customer Care Research is an independent organisation providing expert customer focused Business to Business, Trade, and Consumer Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Communications in the UK and abroad. 

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