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Fed up with Pop Up Surveys?

Many web sites these days have pop up surveys to test satisfaction with the product, service or the web site itself. Sometimes they appear before you have even used the site. But how many times are these things just an annoyance to web users either in a hurry or with a short web attention span?


Pop Up surveys usually only focus on the immediate interaction and do not consider the customer's overall opinion on the things that matter, i.e. how do you fare against the competition in terms of product and service? It's no good having good customer service if your competitors are stealing your customers anyway.

An Alternative Approach

Yes Customer Care Research can do Pop Up's, but not to survey people. We use them only to gather data about people who are willing to take part in further web research after a set period.

This way we then have a reliable customer panel who we know will be able to provide us with comparative information about our client and its competitors, and whatever other channels might be used too.


The Follow Up


The follow up then becomes a more detailed project with the advantages of firstly knowing beforehand much about what the customer wanted and secondly being able to ask them questions about their complete buying experience and successes, whether they bought from our client of not.


Satisfaction or Appreciation?


The follow up can then more accurately test appreciation, rather than satisfaction. For more on this concept return to the Knowledge Bank Index.


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