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Don't Lose Major Accounts - Retention is Key, Recovery is Next! 

It is obviously essential to try to keep major client and customer accounts, particularly those that are renewed periodically, but it is also important to ensure your sales and customer relationship teams are working in a targeted way. 

You need to know who to contact, when to contact them, the client's level of appreciation or satisfaction and their propensity to renew or continue the relationship

Targeted Research


Under the guise of a regular survey Customer Care Research targets customers according to their renewal date or lead in time to structure a continuous review process, monitoring the health of business relationships and also to check their activity in the market place and of course their intentions.

Information Targeting


The information gathered is fed back to our client on a continuous basis, enabling customer facing teams to prioritise their activity according to value and risk.


Customer Care Research effectively becomes the generator of information to be fed into the customer maintenance process, maximising efficiency and business retention.

Defection Recovery

Customer Care Research carries out business exit Interviews, but in a way that establishes the real reasons for defection and if these could be overcome, plus the immediate recovery options and customer's future intentions.  Many lost customers have returned when our client has the full knowledge of what went wrong and how to redress.


Simple or Complicated?


The process can be as simple or as complicated as is necessary to achieve the information objectives.

Contact us to discus how we can tailor this service to suit you.


Customer Care Research is an independent organisation providing expert customer focused Business to Business, Trade, and Consumer Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Communications in the UK and abroad. 

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