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Appreciation beats Satisfaction

Business to Business


A customer or client can be satisfied with the product and general levels of service, but does this make them loyal?  The answer is no.  Customers these days need to feel APPRECIATIVE of not only the product and service, but the efforts you go to on their behalf.  Very often this can be as simple as surprising them with a particular service initiative, but making it a rule to impress them with unscheduled or unexpected added value can make all the difference.




There are many examples of supposed good levels of customer service that serve to only frustrate and infuriate the customer.  Despite being satisfied with the product the customer fears having to make a service call.  Loyalty is gained through an appreciation of a personalised and helpful response that leaves them CONTENT.


Customer Care Research


We have developed a range of research techniques that can measure customer or client appreciation.  The data and analysis we provide helps you identify market and individual customer weaknesses as well as examples of appreciative behaviour.


Talk to Customer Care Research, it might make the difference between just good satisfaction scores in your surveys and real measured appreciation. 



Customer Care Research is an independent organisation providing expert customer focused Business to Business, Trade, and Consumer Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Communications in the UK and abroad. 

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Do you know the difference between 'appreciation' and 'satisfaction'?


In business or consumer service, appreciation breeds loyalty, satisfaction does not.

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