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A Neat Way of Gathering Monthly Service Data

Very often multi-sited organisations, such as hotels, conference venues, retail outlets and other facilities with customer facing activities collect paper questionnaires or service forms. These are then dealt with using one of the following methods:-

Tedious Spreadsheets:


any companies without dedicated systems still input this data into spreadsheets. This is time consuming and results in an absence of data linking, making the exercise almost pointless.


Site Specific Systems: Again, even though some companies input the data into systems at their site the data is fragmented and changes to structures are not mirrored throughout an organisation.

Intranet Systems:


Getting better, but we have found that very often data is buried in the systems and full analysis and use is not made. Sourcing particular historic data, or even a simple list of customers can be time consuming or expensive or both.



Passing the inputting and analysis to a third party is OK, but you are paying for the inputting as well.

Customer Care Research Solution:


We design and host dedicated web based data input web sites for our clients to input their own data, but with CCR carrying out monthly analysis and reporting according to a specification. This ensures the system is always working, can be modified at a moment's notice (no IT department to deal with!), is instantly available at all client sites, is secure and all the current and historic data is stored on our servers (backed up of course). Elements of the web site can also be made available to regular customers or even other third parties like organisers or trainers

This methodology is simple, inexpensive, reliable and future-proof. 

Let Customer Care Research look at the way you treat your customer service data, we might be able to help.


Customer Care Research is an independent organisation providing expert customer focused Business to Business, Trade, and Consumer Qualitative & Quantitative Research and Communications in the UK and abroad. 

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