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What We Do - Research Specialities

Our forte is providing professional business minded research, evaluation and insight using the most appropriate methods tailored to each client and their customers.

Customer Care Research Services
Our Services


  • Customer Satisfaction Research

  • Appreciation Evaluation 

  • Client Contentment Research

  • Employee, Management and 360 Surveys 

  • Attitudinal and Image Reviews


  • Loyalty & Retension Research

  • Disloyalty and Exit Investigations

  • Contract and Policy Pre-Renewal Interviews


  • Performance Benchmarking and Tracking 

  • Competitor Price and Service Investigations

  • NPD Research  

  • Advertising and Promotional Research 


  • Consultancy and advice 

  • Knowledge Management

  • Customer Relationship Management 

  • Customer Maintenance Programmes


KnowledgeBase is an ideas, tips, suggestions and examples news-sheet produced by the Business Research Consultants Group, the umbrella name for the Customer Care Research research brands.


We give snapshots of how you can adapt our latest projects and also how to harness the ideas and components in your own work.


You can subscribe to the KnowledgeBase and periodically we will send you updates which will hopefully add new impetus and initiative to your customer and client knowledge programmes.


Please subscribe, or for link to recent articles.

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