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Case Studies - Service Performance

Customer Care Research was engaged by the UK arm of this global service company to carry out a range of research and information projects. Each module produced information that was used to produce strategic and tactical service plans.

Additional ad-hoc modules were used to gauge competitor action and product development & feasibility.

Internal surveys linked customer and product information to employee measures and performance.


Regular Customer Maintenance research prevented customer defection and exit reviews helped to regain lost users.

The survey programme ran for eight years prior to the company's acquisition.

Although the schematic representation of the methodology appears complicated, it was in fact a quite simple for us to structure and execute in discrete parcels of work to suit the timing, information and budget needs of the client.

We do the thinking and the preparation to ensure projects run smoothly and ‘hassle-free’ for our clients. Leave it to us to get the job done.



Enhanced customer communications, increased major account customer understanding and retention, increased premium service volumes, quality of service monitoring tools, benchmarked KPI tools, successful new product testing, competitor service and pricing comparison leading to enhanced service offerings.


Integrated information programmes ensure connectivity of knowledge and data and can demonstrate tangible gains to the bottom line.

You can also contact us for more case study examples.

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