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Case Studies - Auto-Feedback Service

Customer Care Research established a web portal data inputting structure for staff at all 26 conference venues to continuously input their Guest Feedback Survey forms together with complimentary guest feedback pages and pop ups on the client's website and on-site customer service terminals.  Customers were also reminded of their stay by email.

All data from all input sources was automatically routed to us for 'Hot Guest' testing and continuous monthly analysis.

Monthly reports and presentation material were produced. Venue performance monitoring and tracking enabled immediate fixes or long term improvement programmes to be put in place.

Client specific reporting for in-house use and for monitoring with client major account partners was developed.

We devised an annual employee survey to test employee opinion and to match improvement suggestions with guest feedback.



Centralised group data, analysis by any criteria, service or location, benchmarked service performance, maximised guest satisfaction, immediate guest remedy process, reporting for major accounts, innovations and new product and services tested.


Previous methods used by the client were labour intensive individual spreadsheets. This was time consuming and inefficient, with data not centralised for easy comparison and 'cross venue' analysis.  Whilst technology has moved on from this example, the necessity for fully integrated data collection is still paramount.

Our methodology eliminated the internal staffing time drain and provided clean, efficient analysis and advice. 

Our portal can also link to venue PMS for direct data links or the PMS can be programmed to issue feedback invitations to guests.

You can also contact us for more case study examples.

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