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Research Methodologies

Our research methodologies are tailor made for each client and project to achieve the maximum knowledge in the most cost efficient way.Customer Care Research will work with you to develop the most appropriate research components to maximise the information gathering potential of your project and to suit your budget.

We regularly use the following survey elements as part of our survey solutions:



  • Senior Executive Interviews, Face to Face Interviews and Meetings   

  • In-depth Telephone Interviews   

  • Telephone Discussions   

  • Printed Questionnaires and Communications   

  • Executive Focus Groups   

  • Executive Events   


  • Hosted Internet Surveys   

  • Linked Internet Surveys   

  • Branded Internet Surveys and Web Forms   

  • Intranet (Internal) Surveys   

  • Web Data Entry for Companies

Client Support Options:

Not only do we have our own in-house specialist interviewers but we also can provide links to tailored web customer call or interview input screens for use by our clients' call centres or customer service teams.


This allows us to receive call data immediately for live analysis, reporting and identification of 'hot' trends.

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