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We design and execute projects that gather information from your clients and customers from a business perspective so as to provide you with a complete picture about what they want, need, buy, use, rate, consider, wish for and how this compares with your competitors.

This is not research as you know it, this is business knowledge!

commercial-eyes specialises in customer and competitor knowledge for companies to input into current business action plans, CRM programmes, marketing, communications or future strategy development.

Knowledge, and understanding, is key to successful business planning and business generation.

The combination of our methodologies, techniques and experience make what we do essential at any stage.

Applicable in many areas, be it to periodically test customer or client appreciation and loyalty or to conduct a review before (or after) acquisition,  a directional review or evaluation of the effectiveness of the product or service offer.

We run business buyer schemes to test competitor activity, products and service. Combined, this knowledge is fundamental to maximising the attractiveness of your business products, services and service. 


Let us explain who we are, what we do

and how we do it.

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