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Why Use Us?



25 years’ experience surveying influencers and decision makers from a multitude of businesses


Trust and confidentiality are key to inspiring trust from our clients and therefore all aspects of a project are conducted in-house (no outsourcing).  


Project Management is the responsibility of Keith artus and Jill Carpenter (Founding Partners) who each have over 30 years of business research and business executive roles.


We know how important your clients are to you, how hard you have worked to convert and retain them.  Ensuring the relationship is enhanced by the research and interviewing process is paramount to us – we approach each project as both an information gathering and PR exercise.  


It is imperative to us that research targets fully embrace the project objectives and feels they have contributed to a mutually successful relationship.


We are independent, unlike a company's account managers, therefore we do not have ‘personal’ relationships with those whom we are interviewing.  This enables honest and free flowing discussion.  


Customers and clients perceive the interviews to be a ‘safe place’ to air their views – without the fear of damaging the personal relationship they have.


To create ‘Project buy in’ and gain trust we liaise from the outset on research content and project set up with all relevant stakeholders within a company (Marketing/Key Account/Senior Management team etc.).


This ensures that the final outputs reflect each stakeholders’ requirements and there are no omissions, or more to the point, evidential rationale for the results.


Our reports are highly valued by our clients as ‘working’ documents.


They contain comprehensive feedback both in qualitative and quantitative formats, but most importantly, the project demands or allows, the reports contain verbatim comments relating to individual customers and clients that require ‘attention’.


Individual interview summaries can also be a part of the reporting process.


We have extensive experience of surveying both in the UK and Internationally  and so can replicate projects on a worldwide basis.


We apply our extensive business background to each project to achieve maximum overall effectiveness. 

Our clients use us as their proactive customer contact unit.

All of our clients are repeat business or instigate continuous projects.

Our clients like working with us!

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