Why Use Us?

We provide as standard full reporting and interpretation of project findings, with a concise Executive Summary

We provide individual customer summaries to help you implement appropriate customer maintenance action.

Our clients use us as their proactive customer contact unit.

We apply our extensive business background to each project to achieve maximum overall effectiveness.

All of our clients are repeat business or instigate continuous

Our clients like working with us!

Using our dedicated business methodologies Customer Care Research helps you to manage your customer survival!

We provide the knowledge you need on a customer by customer basis to ensure existing business is perpetuated and new business founded on secure relationship expectations.




Brook House
Cage End
Hatfield Broad Oak
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 7HP

Partner: Keith Artus
London +44 (0) 1279 718900

Customer Satisfaction Research
Appreciation Evaluation
Loyalty & Retension Research
Client Contentment Research
Attitudinal and Image Reviews
Disloyalty and Exit Investigations
Competitor Price and Service Investigations
Contract and Policy Pre-Renewal Interviews
Performance Benchmarking and Tracking
Employee and Management Surveys
Knowledge Management
Advertising and Promotional Research
Consultancy and advice
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Maintenance Programmes
Customer Care Training


Beverley House
Beverley Way

Partner: Jill Carpenter
Cambridge + 44 1223 572229


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